Preserving Your Log Home

Borate Treatments for Logs

After your log home or cabin has been restored it is time to preserve it. Preservation is simple and involves treating the logs with a borate-based log preservitive that protects against rot and decay, while also protecting against wood-ingesting insects. There are two products we often times use for this procedure, Penetreat and Cobra Rods. For more information on each product click on the links below.

Penetreat comes in a powder form that when mixed with water can be sprayed directly onto clean wood.

Cobra rods are small borate rods that are inserted into high moisture areas such as sill logs or flyways. They also work well in any wood that may have ground contact like deck posts.


Staining your log home is an important part of the process, because it is the part which ensures that your home is protected against not only water but also damaging ultra violet rays from the sun. Stain is applied through an airless sprayer and then brushed over to ensure maximum coverage and protection, and every time is done to specific manufacturers reccomendations.

Caulking and Chinking

Sealing the gaps and cracks in log homes with a synthetic chinking or caulk is an important step in preserving any log home. The main reason for this step is to prevent water from infiltrating cracks which can lead to serious damage over the course of a homes lifetime. Other important reasons are to help deter insects and other pests from making the spaces between logs their home and keeping out drafts to keep homes as efficient as possible.