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Log Home Assesment

The first thing we do when we are called to a home is to do a full assessment of the property. Our experienced log professionals will go over your property and locate rot and decay, problem areas, potential hazards and other issues and present you with a detailed list of recommended and needed repairs. Once we have completed that we will figure out the best course of action for restoring and protecting your investment.

Common Log Repairs Used by Superior Log Restoration

Log Refacing

Log refacing involves flattening the deteriorated face of a log on the exterior of a home and replacing in with a new half log. The purpose of this is to maintain the look of the home interior with a less invasive process. This method of repair is most common and can fix most issues while preserving the original look of the home.

Flyway Replacement

Flyways are the section of log that sticks out past the corners of the house. They are prone to rot and decay because driving rains and snow settle in on the top of them and soak into the log. Flyways also are the only part of the log in a home with exposed end grain which also tends to draw extra moisture in.

Full Log Replacement

Full log replacement is sometimes needed when the overall condition does not lend itself to refacing and flyway replacement. Sometimes this can be done by simply cutting out the old logs and sliding in new ones, other times it is done by lifting a home with jacks slightly higher than it would normally sit and scribe fitting in new logs.

Below is an extreme example where we had to lift half of the building and replace two full walls of scribe fit logs with dovetail corner notches.  

Window and Door opening adjustments

Window and door opening are problematic in many log homes. If a builder does not allow adequate spacing for settling windows can crack and doors can become inoperable. Often times window and door trim needs to be adjusted to accommodate, but sometimes windows and doors need to be removed and the opening recut to make them larger.

Log Railing Replacement

Log railings can be both beautiful and durable, but with the wrong woods and improper finish they can deteriorate very rapidly. We rebuild log railings with cedar because of its natural resistance to rot and decay, and always apply a proper finish to insure they will last well into the future. Railings are an important safety aspect to any home, so if you have any concerns about yours they should likely be addressed.