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Log Hom​e Restoration and Repair

Log home maintenance is always something to think about when building or buying a log home. With proper care log homes can last for many years, but if neglected a log home can end up needing major restoration work. It is important for homeowners to be proactive in checking over their home and if problems arise it is important to contact Superior Log Restoration for a full assessment of your Log Home.

Do you have a Log Home that you have questions about?

It is easy to let the years go by in home ownership. Log home ownership is no different, but if you let them go by too long unforeseen problems may occur. It is important to keep up on maintenance but time is not always easy to come by. It only takes a couple of hours for an assessment, and those few hours could help keep costs down by preventing future issues.

Are you thinking about buying a log home?

Buying a log home can be an intimidating prospect, especially if you are new to log home ownership. If you are looking at buying a home we recommend having one of our team members give you a full analysis of the property before you purchase it. Doing this can save you thousands in unforeseen repair costs.

Did you know that Superior Log Restoration replants one tree for every tree we use in log restoration through donation to the Arbor Day Foundation? It is our way of practicing responsible building practices and helping ensure our National Forests will be healthy for years to come.